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Historically, Oriental women draw the Earth's resources to be concocting recipes beauty very effective. Body care, facials, waxing, elixirs of beauty 100% natural. You can today offer you a moment of intense relaxation, taking advantage of the benefits of these traditional recipes.

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  • Cosmetics and Hygiene

    Preserve the beauty of your skin, your teeth and your hair by adopting simple reflexes and habits on a daily basis. Discover our products for hygiene: hair care, shower gels, dentifrices, deodorants and pamper yourself with these products selected with rigour.

  • Hair removal - body scrub

    Eastern hair removal is a method of hair removal natural, ecological and hypoallergenic which has proved its worth. It must be said that this age-old hair removal technique was already practised in Phoenicia and Egypt more than 2,000 years ago. Wax depilatory, 100% vegetable, consists of sugar from lemon juice and water, so little chance of allergic reaction. 

  • Treatments for men

    Discover here all organic products for beauty and human health: foams and shaving gels, balms, aftershave, shower gels, perfumes for man, deodorants for men, facial and body treatments. Care organic and natural to respond to the needs of men.

  • Natural colorations

    Henna is a dye of vegetable origin obtained from the dried leaves of an odoriferous plant (Lawsonia inermis), mainly from the Indian subcontinent and North Africa. It has been used for thousands of years for coloring the hair and body paint. Three types of henna are now available: 'natural', from the Lawsonia inermis henna henna "neutral", from Cassia obovata and henna black, from the Indigofera tinctorium. 

  • Eaux de toilette and...

    Discover our range of organic perfumes and toilet waters. Our products have a healthy composition, without danger to human health and the environment. They are composed of essential oils, natural extracts and vegetable balsams. You'll find a perfume that suits you best from our selection.

  • Organic soaps

    Discover our range of soaps: soaps from Aleppo, SOAP liquid, know black, know Ayurvedic, know to donkey's milk. These soaps are an exceptional softness, often made by craftsmen to regenerate, soften the skin and strengthen the tissue.

  • Vegetable oils

    Some plant oils rich in essential fatty acids are very suitable for the skin care because they are very penetrating and regenerating. You can use argan oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil or oil of nigelle for cosmetic purposes. These oils are fighting against aging, protect and repair damaged skins.

  • Clay - Rhassoul

    The rhassoul (Rasul) or ghassoul is a natural mineral clay used by Oriental women for their hair and body care. This clay is extracted from the only known in the world, located on the edge of Middle Atlas in the Morocco deposits. Masks of beauty soothing, purifying and decongestants, clay tones, lightens the complexion. It is also used in bath, compresses, thalassotherapy, for the face, body and even hair. There are different varieties: Green Clay, red clay, Pink Clay, Yellow clay and white clay.

  • Floral waters

    Floral waters are waters of flowers or leaves. They are derived from the distillation of plants in a still that separates from the water on one side and the other oil. Floral water can be used without special precautions. It can be used after cleansing skin, tonic, to freshen the face or in the making of care home where she will play the role of aqueous phase. 

  • Accessories and trimmings

    Discover our essential accessories for the rituals of the Hammam, for care of the face, body and hair: glove Kessa, stones ponce, gloves hemp, loofah or even hair brushes.

  • Incense - resins

    Discover our incense and resins in the world, our natural products express the richness of plants around their fragrances. We invite you to immerse yourself in a universe of well-being associated with the olfactory pleasure. Our natural products are certified organic, go to the discovery of new scents: benjoins of Laos, copal, myrrh from Somalia, Somali frankincense, incense, Tibetan, Japanese, Chinese, or even Indian...

  • Babies and children

    Babies and children have fragile skin, this is why we offer a full range of natural and organic products for their delicate skin. You will find here layers, products for the hygiene, of organic food...

  • Makeup

    Discover our range of organic and natural makeup. You can find makeup, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeshadow pencils, lipsticks. All that you need to be beautiful on a daily basis.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 298 items
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